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Why Cursive Is Still Relevant in Design

We recently had a client approach us for some design work who told us that they did not want a script font on their design due to the fact that some people could no longer read cursive. At first this seemed to be a somewhat jarring and comical... Continue Reading
Boat lifesaver with pride and trans flags and disability symbol

Can Inclusive Marketing Save You from the Pandemic?

There is a lot of pent-up desire to socialize and reconnect. More and more people are getting vaccinated, yet the CDC warns of another possible outbreak. Business owners are caught between earning a living and being the source of new infections.... Continue Reading

How Do I Reach an LGBTQ+ Audience with My Digital Marketing Strategy?

If you’re looking to invest media dollars to target LGBTQ+ people - one of the first questions you need to ask is “where do LGBTQ+ people consume content?” Since the LGBTQ+ community is a diverse group made up of people of all ages, ethnicities,... Continue Reading

Preparing Your Brand for Pride Season

A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are learning how to live alongside the virus and adapt their behaviors so they can take part in activities and events that matter to them - even if it may look different than before. Pride 2021 certainly... Continue Reading

Celebrating Black Designers for Black History Month

During the month of February, we celebrated Black History Month by showcasing African American pioneers in the world of design on the Boombox Instagram page. Even though we only highlighted a few during the month of February, black designers should... Continue Reading
My Brand is... figure out some words that describe your brand.

What to Do Before Meeting Your Graphic Designer

So you want to hire a designer to re-design your logo, create promotional materials, or build a new website? While it may seem like wizardry to some, you should know that designers are not mind readers! But we do know brands. We know so many brands,... Continue Reading

5 Beautifully Executed LGBTQ+ Video Ads

With every passing year, it seems that more and more advertisers are showcasing LGBTQ+ people in their ads. I don’t want to distract from that important progress, because it’s something we have fought for years to achieve. However, now that LGBTQ+... Continue Reading

New Year, New Brand: Stepping Into the New Year With a Fresh Approach

2020 was a horrible year, to say the least. Amongst a pandemic, racial injustice, and political disaster, some people took the time to re-evaluate many aspects of life, particularly when it comes to how we connect with others. This past year... Continue Reading
3 houses made up of my doodles

Motivation in Isolation

With Covid-19 hitting the world hard, the way we work has changed considerably. These days instead of working in an office space surrounded by colleagues, we are working from the bedroom or a spare room (if you are lucky enough) at home. Sure the... Continue Reading

The Future of Virtual Pride

In February of 2020, I was spending a majority of my time at work preparing for one of the biggest projects in my career: getting thousands of ducks in a row for my client, Visit New Orleans, to take center stage at Pride of the America’s. The event... Continue Reading

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