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Using Segmentation to Improve Sponsorships & Activations

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “diverse sponsorships?”

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Shut Down the Shade: How to Respond to Backlash to Your Pride Campaign

Come June,we can expect to see the usual suspects up in arms about brands engaging in (or even supporting) LGBTQ+ Pride campaigns. Of course, not...

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Navigating Afro Tech 2024: A Guide to Strategic Networking

As a Marketing Manager who attended AfroTech 2023, the experience was nothing short of transformative.

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Social Trends That are Here to Stay

A guide to creating evergreen online content.

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5 Tips for Working with a Copywriter

As fellow marketers, you don’t need to be told just how powerful words are. Words shape our campaigns and narratives. They captivate, convert, and...

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Do You Want Your Diverse Messages to Resonate? Don’t Cast a Wide Net.

Authenticity and diversity are both important, but as marketers, we need to recognize that specific stories and messages are not going to resonate...

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The story of boombox

The Story of Boombox

Boombox—our full-service creative and experiential marketing agency—was officially formed in late 2022. For a while, our exciting news remained a...

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Should Your Brand Go "Woke?"

No, Bud Light did not make a big mistake by going “woke”… and don’t let others fool you into thinking that. So, instead of catering to the demands...

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illustrative speech bubbles with drag vernacular and queer colloquialisms sayings

(Don’t) Slap a Drag Queen on It: The Evolution of Rainbow Capitalism

For years, Boombox has taught businesses and brands how to effectively market to queer people without resorting to that tired, performative trend...

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