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Navigating Afro Tech 2024: A Guide to Strategic Networking

As a Marketing Manager who attended AfroTech 2023, the experience was nothing short of transformative. Continue Reading

Social Trends That are Here to Stay

A guide to creating evergreen online content. Continue Reading

5 Tips for Working with a Copywriter

As fellow marketers, you don’t need to be told just how powerful words are. Words shape our campaigns and narratives. They captivate, convert, and forge powerful connections with our target audiences. In short, when it comes to effective marketing,... Continue Reading

Do You Want Your Diverse Messages to Resonate? Don’t Cast a Wide Net.

Authenticity and diversity are both important, but as marketers, we need to recognize that specific stories and messages are not going to resonate with everyone. And that’s ok. Continue Reading
The story of boombox

The Story of Boombox

Boombox—our full-service creative and experiential marketing agency—was officially formed in late 2022. For a while, our exciting news remained a secret, as our creatives, managers, and strategists began to develop and shape our new brand. Our... Continue Reading

Should Your Brand Go "Woke?"

No, Bud Light did not make a big mistake by going “woke”… and don’t let others fool you into thinking that. So, instead of catering to the demands of the anti-woke mob, reiterate your support for marginalized communities. It's not only the right... Continue Reading
illustrative speech bubbles with drag vernacular and queer colloquialisms sayings

(Don’t) Slap a Drag Queen on It: The Evolution of Rainbow Capitalism

For years, Boombox has taught businesses and brands how to effectively market to queer people without resorting to that tired, performative trend known as rainbow capitalism. Continue Reading

4 Tactics for Boosting the Results of Public Health Marketing

Public health and marketing are two fields that have always gone hand in hand in the United States. In fact, in 2021, pharmaceutical companies spent a whopping 6.8 billion in B2C advertising, but ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, this relationship... Continue Reading
abstract design system

Design Systems Provide Consistency & Maintainability For Our Websites

A design system is a set of guidelines that are used as building blocks for pages of a website. It acts as a shared brand palette that contains a library of colors, typefaces, user interface (UI) elements, and usage rules that create consistency... Continue Reading

5 Benefits In Becoming a Pride Sponsor

Over the past decade, the number of major brands participating in Pride events has been rapidly rising. But why? Can we chalk it up to the age of being woke, or is there much more to this trend? Of course, backing the LGBTQ+ community with marketing... Continue Reading

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