Amanda Kaay

Design, illustrator, animator, these are just some of the hats I wear around here. I've painted since childhood and my lifelong passion for visual arts has never been stronger.

10 Downloadable New Orleans Icons to Spice Up Your Graphics

New Orleans is full of iconic attributes that make it unlike any place you've ever been. When I think of New Orleans, there are several features that stand out; there really is no other city like it in the world. These colorful graphics are meant to... Continue Reading

Dismantling Perfectionism: One Win at a Time

The idea of ‘perfect’ is really quite unattainable. There is no one solution that is right for everyone at every time, and you can’t always make everyone happy. What’s perfect to one person may be completely wrong for another, and what’s acceptable... Continue Reading
My Brand is... figure out some words that describe your brand.

What to Do Before Meeting Your Graphic Designer

So you want to hire a designer to re-design your logo, create promotional materials, or build a new website? While it may seem like wizardry to some, you should know that designers are not mind readers! But we do know brands. We know so many brands,... Continue Reading
Video Marketing in 2020

8 Ways to Boost Your Video Content

Video remains the biggest marketing trend of the year, and with 92% of marketers saying it's an important part of their strategy, it’s really something your campaign can’t live without. With the continued evolution of social media, and all the time... Continue Reading

Sketchy Titles; Animation Two Ways

I’ve noticed a trend in movies and TV lately where the title sequences use hand-drawn type. But this isn’t your dad’s handwriting font; the words are animated to give it a sketchy look, shifting slightly back and forth. It’s something that has a... Continue Reading

3 Companies That Make Us Go 'Oooooh': Brands Doing Marketing Well

What goes into your decision to choose one brand over another when making a purchase? Maybe you can relate to their marketing, you feel like they really get you, or they share your same values. Is it all about price & functionality, or does status... Continue Reading

Some Things Are Just Better Together

At Boombox one of our key beliefs is that we are all better together. As individuals we are pretty good, but put us in a room together and that’s when the magic really happens. We liken it to when you bring together the key ingredients of a favorite... Continue Reading

5 Contemporary NOLA Painters You Should Follow

Although I don’t live in New Orleans myself, I get a certain artist vibe from this city. It's no wonder NOLA is a hot bed for artistic expression; it’s the kind of environment a painter flourishes in. A little grit, a lot of history, music that... Continue Reading

Motivation and Manifestation

Cats have taught me a lot about motivation, because it’s so hard to get them to do anything! I’ve been training mine to do tricks for a while now, and what I’ve learned is it’s all about what they feel like doing. If the treat is tasty enough,... Continue Reading

The 100 Day Creative Project

100 Days of Art I love a good creative project. And I love a good challenge. And by that I don’t mean a competition, pitting me against others, I prefer a challenge against myself. Because that’s basically what a project is, right? Getting an idea... Continue Reading

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