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Overhauling Your Website's SEO Content Strategy (Part 1)

It’s not always possible for you to have an SEO content strategy in place before you launch a website. For one thing, trying to optimize content for search engines is a lot of work. Time constraints, resources, and the effort it takes to learn good... Continue Reading
Video Marketing in 2020

8 Ways to Boost Your Video Content

Video remains the biggest marketing trend of the year, and with 92% of marketers saying it's an important part of their strategy, it’s really something your campaign can’t live without. With the continued evolution of social media, and all the time... Continue Reading

Why It's Important to Partner With an LGBTQ+ Agency When Pitching Tourism

RFPs often end up being a long and arduous process for marketing agencies to complete, but a wide range of potential clients will require them. If your agency is looking to get into the tourism space and work with a DMO, be prepared to put in the... Continue Reading

Culturally Important LGBTQ+ TV Shows

Over the past decade or so, the entertainment industry has made incredible strides with queer representation in movies and television. Forward-thinking networks and producers deserve a big thank you for the increased representation they have given... Continue Reading
illustration showing wordpress logo with americans with disabilities act

Accessibility Pitfalls We Look For When Choosing WordPress Themes

Pre-built premium WordPress themes can reduce the initial cost of a website by eliminating the up-front cost of custom page designs and coding. Unfortunately, many of these themes can neglect accessibility standards that can leave a new website... Continue Reading

The Importance of Black Lives Matter to the LGBTQ+ Community

By now, you’ve probably heard of the historic parallels between the Black Lives Matter protests and the Stonewall riots of 1969. Minority groups fighting for their rights, backlash against police brutality, and seas of people taking to the streets,... Continue Reading

Stand Up to Stand Out

In 2018, Nike took a stand with their Colin Kaepernick campaign to show their support for his protest against racism and social injustice. The results of this campaign, according to 4C Insights, was that the brand saw a 1600% rise in social media... Continue Reading
signs saying things like we're back y'all and everyone likes a comeback

Reopening Your Business from a Marketing Perspective

For some businesses, say hair salons, the mere suggestion of reopening filled up your books. For others, it’s going to take some work and planning. While people are eager to get out and support businesses like yours, the competition will be high.... Continue Reading

It’s Time to Redesign Your Logo

How Do You Know If Your Logo Needs to Be Redone? When To Put Your Logo Out To Pasture Logos, unlike Hollywood’s elite, can’t get botox when they start looking old and haggard. They need to be completely reinvented and reimagined with the brand’s... Continue Reading

How COVID-19 is Affecting the LGBTQ+ Travel Community

The COVID crisis hasn't affected all segments of our economy equally. Farmers are still plowing their fields, many of us with desk jobs can safely work from our couches, and FedEx employees are still delivering our must-needed packages. So, what... Continue Reading

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