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Refining the Experience in UX

I had the pleasure of attending a conference in London that was organized by Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g), world leaders in research-based user experience (UX) and the forefathers of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and UX. I attended five days, and... Continue Reading

Getting Personal with Brand Typography

Communication is an essential factor in everything we do. Whether you’re trying to create a relationship with an audience or simply connect with someone on a personal level, communication is key. Throughout history people have used different styles... Continue Reading

Let’s Get Huge with Spring Growth

Winter came and went. Most of us put on a couple of pounds and probably slacked on our personal development routines. And that’s OK. But now as temperatures rise and the jasmine fills the air with happy smells, it’s time to get into spring growth... Continue Reading

Putting the PRO in Productivity (At Work)

Tips on how to get organized, get creative, and get it done. We get it. You want to be a little more productive at work – we all do – but sometimes it’s just so challenging. As soon as you start tackling that important project, the phone rings. You... Continue Reading

Some Things Are Just Better Together

At Boombox one of our key beliefs is that we are all better together. As individuals we are pretty good, but put us in a room together and that’s when the magic really happens. We liken it to when you bring together the key ingredients of a favorite... Continue Reading

Improving Web Accessibility With Contrast

One thing you need to consider when designing websites is the contrast ratio between text and background color. For example, we've all seen instances where a brand, in an attempt to appear “high-end” or elegant, will use light grey text over a white... Continue Reading

3 Ways to Revamp Your Marketing

It’s 2019. The year of the pig. And according to the Chinese calendar it’s a year that will be filled with success - in business and in life. (But we’re here to talk about business.) So, how can you make the most of this auspicious year ahead? The... Continue Reading

Putting the WE in WELCOME

The saying, “There’s no I in teamwork,” is true. Especially in a marketing relationship. As your agency, we want to help you reach your goals, learn your language, and ultimately be able to direct your marketing strategy. We want to help you focus... Continue Reading

Brand building. Like bodybuilding, only tougher.

No amount of weights or protein powder is going to build your brand into a champion overnight. In fact, it’s going to take a lot more than muscle - it’s going to take heart. A lot of heart. Continue Reading

Favorite Happy Hours in New Orleans

Everybody loves a good happy hour, and the Boombox team is certainly no different. We encourage you to check out these four fantastic New Orleans happy hours, that all occur every day of the week! Continue Reading

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