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The story of boombox

The Story of Boombox

Boombox—our full-service creative and experiential marketing agency—was officially formed in late 2022. For a while, our exciting news remained a secret, as our creatives, managers, and strategists began to develop and shape our new brand. Our... Continue Reading

It’s Time to Redesign Your Logo

How Do You Know If Your Logo Needs to Be Redone? When To Put Your Logo Out To Pasture Logos, unlike Hollywood’s elite, can’t get botox when they start looking old and haggard. They need to be completely reinvented and reimagined with the brand’s... Continue Reading

Making Your Mark: What it takes to design an effective logo

A logo is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of a brand. It’s more than a mark. It’s a symbol of who you are and what you stand for as a company. Every designer has a different process when creating logo marks. Continue Reading

Favorite Happy Hours in New Orleans

Everybody loves a good happy hour, and the Boombox team is certainly no different. We encourage you to check out these four fantastic New Orleans happy hours, that all occur every day of the week! Continue Reading

5 New Orleans Gyms to Change Up Your Workout

We get it. Staying in shape can be hard. It can be especially difficult in New Orleans, where there is mouthwateringfood all around you, all the time. And temptations aside, many run-of-the-mill gyms can get monotonous, leaving us unmotivated, bored, Continue Reading

Recipe for a Delicious Holiday

From our table to yours, thank you for making us Better Together! Here are some of our delicious holiday recipes. Continue Reading

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