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Motivation and Manifestation

Cats have taught me a lot about motivation, because it’s so hard to get them to do anything! I’ve been training mine to do tricks for a while now, and what I’ve learned is it’s all about what they feel like doing. If the treat is tasty enough,... Continue Reading

Making Ads That Consumers Want to See

It’s no secret that most consumers hate ads, and despite this universal distaste for pesky interstitials and stale banner ads, marketers continue to crank out these traditional forms of advertisements. If you ask most industry professionals why they... Continue Reading

Recipe for a Delicious Holiday

From our table to yours, thank you for making us Better Together! Here are some of our delicious holiday recipes. Continue Reading

BEM Introduction: Reusable Components in Front-End Development

The times are a-changin’ in web development. Back in the day (a couple of years ago), a single web page was thought of as, and designed to be, the purveyor of information. The page was a single unit, with many elements such as headers, navigation,... Continue Reading

The 100 Day Creative Project

100 Days of Art I love a good creative project. And I love a good challenge. And by that I don’t mean a competition, pitting me against others, I prefer a challenge against myself. Because that’s basically what a project is, right? Getting an idea... Continue Reading

All those tombs in NOLA's cemeteries

If you are like me and are fascinated by history, you may have taken a stroll through New Orleans’ historic cemeteries and wondered at the variety of life and death that these people went through. It’s really the human aspect of history that catches... Continue Reading

Catio Pawty: From Hand Drawn to Vector Illustration

Say you want to add some imagery to your project - but in this day and age not just any stock graphics will do. They have to be unique, original, and they have to add some character. You may have sketched out an idea with a pen and paper, but how to... Continue Reading

Choose a wine by the label? Wine not?

Lets face it, picking out a wine can be a daunting task. Unless you are a seasoned wine connoisseur, chances are you stand in front of incredibly overcrowded shelves of wine at your local supermarket or wine store in a bewildered state. Maybe you... Continue Reading

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