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The Power of Podcasts: How Audio Mediums Can Boost Your Brand

The Power of Podcasts: How Audio Mediums Can Boost Your Brand

First things first: what is a podcast?

The word podcast itself is a combination of two words you’re probably familiar with: iPod and broadcast.

Since the term was first coined in 2004, this media type has grown to reach over 500 million avid listeners worldwide and has evolved into an industry worth almost $24 billion dollars. Many celebrities have jumped on the podcast trend by hosting talk shows, while writers and enthusiasts have propelled the scripted-podcast genre.

And the latest groups to enter the podcast space? Brands.

Brands are using this exciting new medium to reach untapped markets and to get personal with their audiences. We at Boombox have even helped brands like Gilead Sciences to amplify global perspectives on the HIV epidemic with the Zero Hour podcast—which won a Silver Anthem Award for podcasts.

The question is, is it right for your brand? There are a few reasons why it could be.

Zero Hour Podcast Behind the Scenes

Recording the Zero Hour podcast, produced by Boombox for Gilead Sciences.

Forge deeper connections with your audience.

Advertisements only go so far toward connecting your brand to consumers or audiences in a personal way. Whether you’re a new brand that wants to get the message out about your product or an established brand that wants to cement your standing in your space or industry, you can cater your podcast format and topics to your specific goals.

Depending on the setup of your podcast, you can answer consumer questions, dive into the story of your company or product, or show the versatility and need for your services through strategic partnerships.

Above all, podcasts allow consumers to meet the people behind the brand. When a consumer can put a face or feeling to a brand, they're better able to humanize your mission and work, which leads to brand loyalty—and that is the cornerstone of meaningful brand connections.

Collaborate and connect with influencers (and reach their audiences).

Many influencers already have podcasts of their own, but inviting influencers onto your own show allows you to access their audience throw two touch points—on the podcast itself and on any social posts they make about their appearance.

Pro-tip: Make it as easy as possible for your guests to share and post about their time on your podcast.

  • Take photos of the hosts and guests, as well as behind-the-scenes footage. Send your guests these materials to share on their own platforms.
  • Provide a pre-written call-to-action and the episode link to make it clear where the influencer should direct their audiences.
  • Give them enough time before the episode launches to work an announcement into their social schedule.


Demonstrate your commitment to important causes.

For some brands, marketing is about more than promoting a product or service. It’s about making a social impact and using brand influence to advance critical social conversations. Companies like Patagonia often use their brand power to give back, fund charities, and foster diversity and inclusion.

Your brand can become a megaphone for unheard voices or stories, and a podcast can make those voices even louder. Invite guests onto your podcast who can speak about causes that are important to your brand, which can not only be a positive force for change, but can further develop your brand’s philanthropic mission.

Other ways to use podcasting.

If you don’t think you’re ready to start a podcast just yet, there are still other ways to use podcasting in your marketing efforts.

  • Have a brand ambassador or brand rep appear on an existing podcast. According to a recent study, there are more than 5 million podcasts globally, so it’s as easy as finding one that aligns with your goals. If you’re a spirits brand, partner with a mixologist or cooking podcast. If you’re a beauty brand, partner with a health and lifestyle podcast (one of the fastest growing podcast categories in 2024). By contributing to an existing podcast, you can engage with your target audience in a space where they’re already active and attentive.
  • Sponsor a podcast. The benefits of becoming a podcast sponsor are similar to those of sending a brand rep onto the show, but this level of partnership can extend for multiple episodes or seasons. As a sponsor, you can get your name, product, or service in front of your key audience with an endorsement by someone they trust.

Jumping into podcasting can be a little overwhelming, so here’s the last piece of advice:

Work with people who have done it before.

Boombox Podcast Team Behind the Scenes

The Boombox podcast team behind the scenes of Zero Hour.

With a seasoned advertising agency and an experienced production team, you can create a professional, engaging podcast without having to learn the ins-and-outs of the industry.

Want to talk more about launching your own podcast?

Get in touch today!

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The Power of Podcasts: How Audio Mediums Can Boost Your Brand

The Power of Podcasts: How Audio Mediums Can Boost Your Brand

First things first: what is a podcast?

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