Beau Moss

When I'm not sitting in front of a computer working, I enjoy working out, riding my Peloton, watching movies, spending time with friends, painting, and, most of all hanging out with my boyfriend Garrett and my sweet animals Theo and Toulouse.

5 Reasons Why Business Cards Are Still Important

If you’re setting up a new business or even if your company has been around for years, one of the questions you may be asking yourself is: do people...

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6 Branding Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you’re running a business right now, then you may or may not understand the importance of building a strong brand. A key part of achieving success...

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Why Cursive Is Still Relevant in Design

We recently had a client approach us for some design work who told us that they did not want a script font on their design due to the fact that some...

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New Year, New Brand: Stepping Into the New Year With a Fresh Approach

2020 was a horrible year, to say the least. Amongst a pandemic, racial injustice, and political disaster, some people took the time to re-evaluate...

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PMS, CMYK, RGB, HEX...WTH? Color Modes Explained

As we’ve discussed before color plays a key role in branding and is essential in establishing an emotional connection with customers. Because brands...

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Simple vs Complex Logos

Logos are generally considered the face of your brand, and naturally they are the first touchpoint consumers have with you. Recognizability is...

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Why You Shouldn't Go Cheap on Logo Design

Logo design today is highly underrated. In a world of millions of logo templates and cheap pre-made logos available at the click of a button, the...

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The Visual Evolution of LGBTQ+ Marketing

As we enter into a new decade, it’s clear that marketing to the LGBTQ+ community has come a long way. The LGBTQ+ community is no longer a niche...

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Getting Personal with Brand Typography

Communication is an essential factor in everything we do. Whether you’re trying to create a relationship with an audience or simply connect with...

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Color's Impact On Branding

When it comes to identifying your brand, your logo is more than likely the first thing your customers will think of. A brand’s logo and visual...

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