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5 Reasons Why Business Cards Are Still Important

5 Reasons Why Business Cards Are Still Important

If you’re setting up a new business or even if your company has been around for years, one of the questions you may be asking yourself is: do people still use business cards? Or are business cards necessary? My answer in short is yes! The latest technologies in this digital era have made almost everything available virtually. However, technology doesn't always mean there’s benefit in leaving behind something traditional.

1. Make a Great First Impression

First impressions are pivotal, and you only get one chance at them. A business card is, in many cases, the first tangible impression of your business. Not only do you want to leave a good first impression, but a lasting one. A well-designed business card printed on quality paper shows that you care about your business, and will, in turn, care about your client.

2. Give a Personal Touch

Businesses are built on networking, and networking is all about personal connection. Using your phone to swap contact information on the spot is convenient, but it's not personal. When an individual hands out their business card, they do not simply share their contact details. They make eye-to-eye contact, possibly shake hands and have a conversation. This ritual of personal connection increases the probability that you will be remembered and liked.

3. Promotes Your Brand

Brand identity is an incredibly important part of your business. Think of your business card as a tiny, portable billboard. You can choose the message you want to send. A carefully designed business card can help in building your desired brand personality and speaks to the type of business you run. Having a solid and memorable business card will help raise awareness for your brand and keep you front and center in your audience’s minds.

4. Cost-Effective

Budget is often an issue for new or small businesses. Business cards are an investment worth making due to how little they cost relative to how much you gain. They can last many years until you decide when to upgrade them or update information. In addition, printing costs usually reduce when printing in bulk. Yes, it can cost more if you make some upgrades (like the quality of the paper, color usage or unique shapes), but if you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, you can’t expect anyone else to.

5. Great Way to Stand Out

If you’re in a competitive industry, it’s essential to invest in marketing that helps your company stand out. In many situations, your business card is not the only one being exchanged, and the last thing you want is your card getting lost in a sea of others. It’s important to get creative, and a couple of easy ways are to use a unique shape or print on a specialty paper/material. The goal should be to have a business card to be proud of and something that will get you remembered. People tend to hold on to the upscale looking or interesting business cards.

Business Card Examples

Jukebox Print; The Design Inspiration; Design by JWT Brazil; Design by Michele Greco

So you may be thinking ‘What about COVID-19?’

The global pandemic has changed how people connect — both personally and professionally. Companies like HiHello have opened doors to digital business cards that can be customized, designed, and shared with anyone. While this is intriguing and helpful in our digital world,, there’s a special charm associated with a business card. Not to mention, there are still many people that prefer the novelty of a business card exchange. My advice would be to get yourself a digital version of your physical cards too!

Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be “out with the old, in with the new.” To me, having a quality business card equates to having a successful business. Business cards may not be the fastest nor the easiest way to connect with people and exchange contact information, but it sure does boost your professional image.

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