Steven Cortese

Geography buff, Big Brother fanatic, unofficial world record holder for the fastest human crab walk.


Putting the PRO in Productivity (At Work)

Tips on how to get organized, get creative, and get it done. We get it. You want to be a little more productive at work – we all do – but sometimes it’s just so challenging. As soon as you start tackling that important project, the phone rings. You... Continue Reading

Brain Games

When most people think of staying in shape, they think of the muscles they can exercise by running, swimming, or weight lifting. But your brain is arguably your most important body part that you can’t exercise at the gym. Although, we can't train... Continue Reading


We’re living in a time where craft beer is wildly popular, and the city of New Orleans has not only jumped on the bandwagon, but capitalized on the trend. South Louisiana isn't new to the beer making scene, since 1986 we’ve had Abita Brewery, a... Continue Reading

Making Ads That Consumers Want to See

It’s no secret that most consumers hate ads, and despite this universal distaste for pesky interstitials and stale banner ads, marketers continue to crank out these traditional forms of advertisements. If you ask most industry professionals why they... Continue Reading

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