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3 Ways to Revamp Your Marketing

3 Ways to Revamp Your Marketing

It’s 2019. The year of the pig. And according to the Chinese calendar it’s a year that will be filled with success - in business and in life. (But we’re here to talk about business.) So, how can you make the most of this auspicious year ahead? The main thing you should think about is revamping your marketing. After all, if people don’t know who you are, how can they consider you? Marketing gets your name out there and into the consideration phase of consumer’s minds.

But first, how do you know if your marketing needs a revamp? Well, let me break it down for you:

  • Your social media feels like it has a bad case of Groundhog Day.
  • Your website hasn’t been updated in more than a year.
  • You have yet to use video to help promote your business.

Create Content Buckets To End Social Media Groundhog Day

Are you posting the same types of content on Instagram and Facebook over and over again? If so, it’s time to make over the way you approach social media. For starters, try to place your content into buckets: timely posts (think: Mardi Gras), educational posts (posts that inform or give tips), fun posts (posts that show off your company’s personality) and finally, promotional posts (posts that highlight what you do). Then, create content that supports those ideas. Make some of them a series, and others a one-off. Be creative. Be brief. But most importantly, be authentic to your brand’s personality and voice. Mix things up with video content, add a giveaway or a contest for one of your posts, and always respond to those who engage with your business - even if it’s just a happy face emoji.

Give Your Site A Makeover With New Images & Revised Headlines

Has it been a minute since you launched your website? If so, now may be the perfect time to give it a fresh coat of proverbial polish. Now, I’m not talking about giving your whole site an overhaul, I’m merely suggesting revising your photography and updating the headlines on your site to something fresh and new. By doing this you’ll be giving your brand a little makeover without starting from scratch. It’s less expensive this way and can pack a real punch visually.

Lights. Camera. Action. Channel your inner Spielberg and start shooting.

If you haven’t started using video to promote your business, you need to. According to Forbes, video is projected to take up 80% of all web traffic in 2019. Forbes also goes on to say that video can boost your click-through rate by 200 - 300%. That’s an insane number and well worth the effort that goes into creating this type of content. But what type of content should you create? Well, that depends on your brand. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Create testimonials from happy clients
  2. Show off your product through simple how-to’s
  3. Highlight you’re amazing staff and the skills each person brings to your business
  4. Develop promotional videos that talk about your business
  5. Create your own scripted videos that use humor or a nugget of truth to entice viewers to watch

The key to revamping your marketing in 2019 is to not be afraid of change, instead embrace it. If you’re ready to revamp your marketing and would like a little help, reach out. We’d love to help.

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