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We’ve Made Progress, but the LGBTQ+ Community Is Still Under Attack

Pride is a protest, we shouldn't forget that. But it’s also a celebration. A celebration that allows us as queer people to accept ourselves in the...

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Dismantling Perfectionism: One Win at a Time

The idea of ‘perfect’ is really quite unattainable. There is no one solution that is right for everyone at every time, and you can’t always make...

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My Brand is... figure out some words that describe your brand.

What to Do Before Meeting Your Graphic Designer

So you want to hire a designer to re-design your logo, create promotional materials, or build a new website? While it may seem like wizardry to some,...

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3 Ways to Revamp Your Marketing

It’s 2019. The year of the pig. And according to the Chinese calendar it’s a year that will be filled with success - in business and in life. (But...

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Brain Games

When most people think of staying in shape, they think of the muscles they can exercise by running, swimming, or weight lifting. But your brain is...

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Get Your Broom Out! It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Business

Spring is a time of rebirth. A reawakening of life around us. Trees sprout new leaves. Flowers bloom. And the weather is pretty much perfect. It’s a...

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Motivation and Manifestation

Cats have taught me a lot about motivation, because it’s so hard to get them to do anything! I’ve been training mine to do tricks for a while...

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The 100 Day Creative Project

100 Days of Art I love a good creative project. And I love a good challenge. And by that I don’t mean a competition, pitting me against others, I...

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